This is an exclusive room for guests with pet dogs, which is equipped with not only pet amenities but also premium pet care items such as a spa tub, a dryer, and a Dyson air purifier. Make an unforgettable, lifetime memory with your pet dog.

Double (1)
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (1 bathtub), open-air spa, terrace, garden
15:00 / 11:00
No. of guests / Maximum
2 guests / 3 guests (2 adults and 1 child)
Room Amenities


Air purifier (Dyson)
Pet house (Gnar)
Pet spa tub (cypress)
Pet dryer (Nello)
Pet stairs (Small Stuff)
Pet bowls (Inherent)
Pet stroller (Piccolocane)

Pet supplies

Pee pads (Bite Me)
Belly band (Natris)
Mist (Flawless Clean)
Waste bags (Bite Me)
Toy / Latex ball (Bite Me)
Towel (Pethroom)
Odor eliminator (Bite Me)
Shampoo (Plush Puppy)
Snacks (Harim Pet Food’s Everyday Yanggaeng, Fit Pet’s It Chu, AFreschi’s Turkey Tendon Chews) * Items are subject to change.

Bed (King Koil mattress)
Goose down comforter
Motorized curtains
Tablet PC
100-inch projector screen
OTT service (Netflix)
Air conditioner / Heater
Alarm clock
Luggage rack
Cable channels
Shower stalls
Bath towels
Face towels
Shower robe
Shower cap / Shower towel

Hair comb
Bvlgari 5 bathroom amenities
(Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and soap)
Bvlgari hand wash
Dyson hair dryer
Coffee capsules
Free bottled water
Water glasses
Electric kettle
Coffee cups
Wine glasses
Emergency fire kit
Clothes rack

· Room charges include a 10% service charge.

· This room is rented exclusively to guests with pet dogs. Booking is available on this website or by phone.

· Check our rules and regulations for guests accompanied by pet dogs before booking and inform us of the breed and number of your dogs in advance.

   [One dog weighing 10kg or under per room. Maximum two dogs. Extra charges of 50,000 won will apply for two dogs. Five breeds designated as “dangerous dogs” under the Animal Protection Act are not allowed to stay.]

· For the convenience of all guests, please abide by the following rules:

   - For the safety of all guests, please use a leash or slip lead when walking your dog.

   - To maintain a pleasant environment, please clean up your dog’s waste when walking your dog.

   - When using our Community Center, please use pet-friendly areas only. (Always use a carrier or a stroller when indoors, for example, in the lobby, elevators, etc.)

   - Use of our hotel facilities may be restricted if your dog might harm other guests or cause anxiety due to aggressive behaviors or excessive barking.

· Owners shall be held responsible for all damages, accidents, and losses caused due to pet dogs. We may claim compensation in accordance with our rules and regulations.

· Owners shall be held solely responsible for all accidents and injury to humans caused due to pet dogs. We bear no liability.

· In the occurrence of the disappearance, disease, or death of your dog, we shall not be held responsible.

· For the seamless admission of your pet dogs, please sign the written consent to our rules and regulations when checking in.

· Smoking is prohibited in the entire premises of Amber PureHill Hotels & Resorts, including its guestrooms and businesses.

· Cooking is prohibited inside the Forest and Hill facilities. Green Valley allows simple cooking.

· Facilities may look different from the images. Please contact in advance if you need exact information.

· If the hotel is unable to operate normally due to unavoidable circumstances such as climate change or natural disasters, reservations may be cancelled or the use of the hotel businesses may be restricted through a notice (e.g. mobile text messages, website announcement) by the hotel.

· The maximum number of guests per facility is 3 people, including 2 adults and 1 child.

· No additional charge applies to 1 child staying with adults.

· Child: Aged 12 years or younger (incl. 12 years of age)

Booking Changes and Cancellation Fees

· 7 days before check-in: Free

· 6 to 2 days before check-in: 50% of the first night’s fee

· 1 day before or on the day of check-in & no show: 100% of the first night’s fee

Inquiry and booking

CALL. +82 64 745 7461


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